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You can earn money, telling your friends and visitors about our software. Put a special link on your site and receive 40% of the retail price of any software purchased via this link.

Our affiliate program is administered by RegNow, the world's leading software sales and registration service. To join our affiliate program just complete the sign up form. To get more information about the RegNow Affiliate Network, read this description.

Select the product you want to sell and then place the appropriate HTML code on your web site.

Product Name Product ID Price Commission
1st Calculator 4343-1 $15.00 $6.00
3D Grapher 4343-2 $24.95 $9.98

You can use two methods to refer the customers to the product information.

Link to RomanLab Software Homepage
Link to the Product's Order Form
  • replace "XXXX" with your affiliate ID#
  • replace "ProductID" with the number from the previous table

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please send them to .

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